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Adventures in Home Ownership

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Cat and Dinner

Some of the first meals we've had in our new home have been fantastic. Here's my lovely guy making Kung Pao chicken and fried rice. What was I doing, lazy-bones that I am, while he was slaving away by our sleek new stove?

I was on the search for a fun picture of Lyra. Ever since she's found a new spot looking out of our bedroom window, I've been wanting to take a picture of her from the outside. And success! I was able to do it! I knew that if I could get outside before she moved, she'd be entranced with the sight of me NOT in the house. And it worked! It really makes it look like your home and not just some photoshop :) to be able to see a dear little Boo through the window!

Look carefully...she's there. You might wish to maximize the picture. But if you don't see her, check this out...
I love how startled she looks. "How did you get out there?"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You Complete Me

We are now moved in. The movers were outstanding (fast and CHEAP), and once they left, we started to process of unpacking. With all this extra space, we've been able to put things out that have been in boxes since we got married. Case in point: all of our photo albums (how twentieth century) are now easily accessible in one of the downstairs cabinets whereas before, they were buried under six layers of Russian novels. Sad but true.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our preliminary furniture placements. These first two show how nicely our kitchen stuff fits in with the new decor; it's as thoughwe were buying to fit this kitchen all along.... And who is that handsome devil in the second pic?

Next up, we have the arrangement of our little stone table (a wedding gift from my grandmother) and our newer bookcase. The empty wall behind them, incidentally, is where our comic book art is going to hang when it gets back from the framer's. These delightful peices of furniture are on the south wall of the living room, for those of you playing the home game.

On the east wall of the living room are our other two newer bookshelves and our two new DiCandilo prints. In the future, the bookshelves will be replaced by The Madame's Steinway, but until then it's books all the way.

And finally, this is the scene in the master bedroom. As this entry went to press, there's more art hanging in the room, but you can't see it in the picture. What you also can't see is how unreasonably large the master suite is. The Madame and I feel like we're at Bruce Wayne's dinner table when we have to talk to each other from opposite ends of the room.

More pictures will follow as we get more settled; this weekend, it's off to the Sofa Factory to acquire a new piece for the living room. Once that's done, the upstairs will be complete, and there will be pictures galore. Until then, enjoy....