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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our houseguests!

In late October, close to that special spookilicious time of year, our first overnight houseguests arrived! One by plane, one by CRV. One from the land of 10,000 lakes, one from the land of 10,000 collagen-injected lips (although she herself has escaped this curious local custom). Both brought housewarming gifts...the pizza pie quilt and a Longaberger basket!

Now, these were by no means houseguests ready to exploit and use their gracious host and hostess. No, no. These houseguests planted lovely plants, in an attempt to help us "potscape" our yard for now, until actual landscaping becomes a reality. The result was very nice! Though I have to report that both the basil and the pansies have died.

We had a great time -- saw the Liberace "play-alike" play just like the man himself in the piano bar at the Tivoli Gardens. Then we saw him AGAIN on Saturday, performing on Liberace's shimmering Baldwin at the Liberace museum. My mom even requested "Happy Birthday" for me when we saw him at the bar. (He also played "Always," which we all sang along to!)

We also hiked in Red Rock, visited our local yarn store , and of course, the houseguests also kept Lyra entertained.

It was a really great visit, and it was so nice to have family staying with us in our home. What fun! Hopefully we're getting this "good host" thing down. I think Buckwalter may have gotten a little carried away when we all started knitting. But what an awesome homeowner...he sure knows how to take care of his house, and how to help out when yarn needs to be wound.


At 1:11 PM, Blogger The G's said...

The house looks nice! May I suggest Lavender plants for your landscaping? They were all over in Italy/Spain and seem to love hot and dry weather...not to mention they smell good. I believe you two live in this zone.


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