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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Okay, team. Here they are. Pictures of the house in all its beautiful glory! Hooray!
The walkthrough was a success... I have decided that a girl will never feel more important than on the day of her walkthrough, and here's why:

It was supposed to begin at 10:00, and when I arrived promptly early at 9:45 (because if you're not 5 minutes early, you're late), notebook, pen, camera, nightlight (for checking outlets) in my hand, ready and raring to go! I was met by three men, Joe, Joe, and Ryan, who were immediately apologizing before they even told me what was wrong. Turns out the cleaning crew had shown up late, so they were not quite ready for me -- it was going to be another hour. I said, "Oh," not knowing what else to say immediately. Then they were offering to buy me breakfast to make up for it, or buy me lunch after the walkthrough to make me feel good about my experience. I was a little thrown off by all this, and finally convinced them that in order to make me happy, they just had to buy me a Frozen Lemon Tea at the Homesearch Cafe and then pick me up when the home was ready to be walked through. So one of the Joes (this one a man who had been working at the community one block over and was called in for the end of the quarter to get all the work done) gave me a ride to the cafe, and en route, I asked him how they had gotten so much work done on the house since Sunday. He informed me that they had crews working at our home -- and our home alone -- until midnight on Tuesday night, and then the crew arrived at 5:30 AM on Wednesday, and had been working straight until I arrived. He apologized again, bought my drink, and left me to look over my checklist and call Buckwalter to tell him how excited I was.

Anyway, eventually the same Joe picked me up, and we began the walkthough. The other Joe, a very funny and knowledgable man, showed me around the house. I was very impressed with his standards -- it got to the point where I would begin to look at the windows in a room to see if they opened correctly, and when I turned back around, he would have 13 pieces of blue tape (marking deficiencies) already up on the wall. He was very thorough. Please view his tape marks on some of the pictures! Luckily, I was able to find a few things that he hadn't seen, so that made me feel useful! :)

The house from the outside looked wonderful. We have a tree! We also have a drip irrigation system that I learned all about that feeds the tree.

Later that day, Buckwalter and I went to check out the home together. This is our Sesame Street Stoop Picture. What a lovely stoop!

There it is! Our Darth Vader kitchen! Although I must say, we are both quite happy with our selection of countertops and appliances -- they really look striking. See all the blue tape? Most of those things are for touch-ups.

The little table where Joe and I went over many papers and our warranty when we were finished. You can also see the Gatorade they bought for me later in the day. There's the carpet (this is the living room, by the way).

The kitchen view where you can see the tiles a little better. They really look nice, although we found out that they do not seal the grout. We have to do that -- although Joe explained to me what we would need to do the sealing and how to do it -- it does not sound too bad. Or bad at all. Just time-consuming.

Our master bathroom. We have a ghost door on the toilet nook right now -- a ghost door meaning the door just slowly opens unless you shut it tight. That is one thing they are currently fixing. I tried out the water in the shower, and it was really nice pressure!

And our lovely patio, with Buckwalter modeling. I should end this post by saying two things:
1) We have the reinspect where everything will be fixed on Monday afternoon. I have been assured that they will have everything complete. And 2) We are so happy with the progress they have made on the house, and I was really impressed with their attitudes and helpfulness on the walkthrough. We are really excited to move in! And we can't wait to see all you prospective house guests out there! :)


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