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Monday, August 14, 2006


We leave the construction site alone for 4-5 days, and suddenly, it begins to actually look like a house! We brought the Taos-anians along for the tour, and it was quiet stimulating.

First of all, they've started to paint the exterior! Now, the gray areas at the bottom of the walls near the garage are where the stone will be going. The tiles are all waiting patiently on the roof to be firmly cemented on. Also, the big blank square under the rectangular window (which lights in over our bathtub!) will be filled with some not-for-use shutters. And there are doors now! It's amazing how some doors can really make you feel like it's a home!

And, as I'm modeling here, they've put in the banister. The natural wood parts still need to be stained, but it's very solid and lookin' good! They have also painted all the walls on the inside. So, it looks like mostly some trim around the door, tiling and carpet, countertops, cabinetry and appliances, and lightswitches are all that's left. Oh yes, and the air conditioner. Very important that they not forget that.
But the walk-through is scheduled for next week, which means they feel they'll be mostly done by then. Craziness.


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