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Adventures in Home Ownership

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The new (but old) chair

We have recently welcomed a beautiful LaFave family heirloom into our living room. The chair, pictured above, is now in the 4th generation of the family, dates back to the 1890's and has now become a favorite perch for Bertie. Those of you concerned with a cat on an antique, he is very nice to it, and we de-fur it every day, just in case. We were very excited and honored to get the chair, and were also incredibly surprised with how well it fit into our living room.

Also, for anyone wanting more information on the cats' budding "friendship," here's a picture that might wow you. Only a few months ago, neither one of them would have willing sat this close to the other one, and would certainly never have closed their eyes in each other's presence. They both knew the other one was next to them before falling into naptime, and we were so impressed with how far they've come, that we snapped a picture. It's now one of their favorite ways to nap, and we often come home from school to find Lyra on her perch and Bert on the floor, both soaking in the sun.