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Adventures in Home Ownership

Monday, May 26, 2008

Springtime Desert Foliage

Every spring, I find my hankering for a greener thumb just too strong of a siren call. So we head down to the local nursery or Target in search of new green things that will survive in the climate. We filled one pot that we've always had on our patio, but changed the place of one pot. Some neighborhood cats on the prowl had taken to digging up our old succulents in this pot, so we thought some elevation might help these little guys out. We got a plant stand for this low pot and put it on our front stoop next to the door.

This lavender plant is on our patio in the backyard space. It is exceptionally fragrant right now...since lavender is good in heat, I'm excited to see what this plant has to offer in the months to come!

Also, this spring, we added a plant inside. This is our Majesty Palm in a great bright blue glazed pot. The colors didn't pop as much in the picture as they do in our entryway...the palm in its blue home are adjacent to our zippy red ristra -- it's a great primary color space now!

Drew made ribs on the grill yesterday, and it was cool enough this weekend that we could spend some time out on the patio. We had a couple glasses of sangria and enjoyed the hickory smoke smell. Our backyard plants are doing well on their one year birthday. Everything's good here! Happy Memorial Day, everyone!