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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sailing, Sailing

So much has been going on lately, that I think we both forgot about our loyal readership! Our apologies. Let's get up to speed:
We took two little weekends in September to enjoy our new extra time on Fridays and Saturdays. Our first weekend took place at the Lake Mead Marina. We'd never been down to visit Lake Mead, but we'd found out about a Sailing Class that the Nevada Yacht Club gives each September for 25 dollars a person. Most sailing classes are at least $400 or so a person, so we thought we'd jump on this chance to learn a little more about sailing!

The learning was mostly for me, because sailing has always been an alluring interest of Buckwalter's. So I learned about all the different points of sail, all sorts of knots, and all the vocabulary I could swallow. Saturday had winds of up to 25 knots, so we didn't get to go sailing on Saturday. But on Sunday, we spent the entire day out on a Cal 24 owned by a member of the Yacht Club -- just him, Buckwalter, and me. It was a great way to learn, and we were really enjoying ourselves all throughout. After living in MN for so long, Lake Mead is really a fascinating place -- the striking vibrancy of the water against all that rock -- it's just so different. I'd recommend a trip to anyone visiting.

Then, the following weekend, we visited my hospitable Aunt in Huntington Beach. We arrived Friday night, and then spent Saturday at the Pier. We went out for lunch at Duke's, walked up and down the little main street area, and of course, cruised up and down the pier several times. We even saw (and this was an exciting event for me!) a sea lion swimming in the water under the pier. It came up, looked at us, and just dived back down. I always find it amazing when you aren't expecting anything, and suddenly nature comes up and barks in your face!

As you can see, our camera has a little spot on it. We'll get that fixed. I promise.

We went back to Aunt Jane's house, where we had our first Popeye's experience (it's very good) and then my Uncle Bob came over to visit and play cards. We learned how to play Whist, or at least tried to play Whist. All my relatives make this look so easy -- I think I got skipped on the "talented at card playing" gene. But I didn't get skipped in the "Enjoys playing cards" category. Thank goodness for that.
And even though Buckwalter was nervous about it, his team actually won! (Sorry, Jane!) That's right -- the men started the game off with a bang, and held their lead all throughout! I don't think I'll get picked as a partner next time. :)

And as if that weren't enough, I finished a sweater/shirt that I'm proud of. It's so comfortable -- it's actually a knit-down pattern, which means you start at the neck and knit down. I love it!

Happy October to all! We'll keep you updated on our latest hi jinks as they unfold!