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Monday, August 13, 2007

Last Chance Summer Dance

It was back to the land of 10,000 lakes for a great wedding extravaganza! We hit the town back in MN for a quick weekend before school begins. It was a really awesome visit, jam-packed with excellent people and wonderful times!

First, we saw the Madame's mom and step-dad for a great lunch at a restaurant called "The Big Buck." The portions were healthy, and the onion rings were huge! We also saw our friends from glamorous Watertown, too, but failed in our duty to take a picture with them. Sniff.

But we were honored to meet the new Lawsonling prior to the wedding on Saturday. She is cute as a button, and we hope to see her again soon!

The wedding featured our good friend, Mark, as the groom, and his lovely bride Lauren, who both went to college with us. This created an excellent opportunity to meet up with some people we hadn't seen in 4 years. Or 3 years. Or 2 years. The reception was at the Science Museum, which was really spectacular in its view of the Mississippi River, pictured with us and buddies in the foreground. Take particular notice of our friend, Jeff, who is NOT living in Baltimore, NOT an editor, and NO LONGER drives a Ford Mustang.

There's very little we can say on a family blog about The Chairman, but we can say that his truck is blue, his taste in music is unsurpassable, and his beer tastes like chocolate. We had a lovely lunch, jam session, and You-Tube viewing with him. Also, the Madame rocked on the Guitar Hero 80's edition...at least in comparison to Buckwalter. But she didn't even attempt to join in with the saxophone playing, so it's still anyone's game.