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Adventures in Home Ownership

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Time in Our Emerald

We've had a merry merry time in our lovely home this Christmas. Before the new year descends, we thought we should share a few pictures:

First of all, there's the ever helpful Lyra helping to wrap presents. She loved one little present for Liz's mom so much, she picked it up by the ribbon and jumped off the table with it. Luckily, she can't get very far. I'll tell you, though; I'm not sure anyone has ever been so interested in what I was doing as Lyra was when I curled the ribbon.

Also, Christmas time is a time of rock and roll. Everyone knows this, and so we shelled out some wonderful Christmas money to buy Guitar Hero II. Even now as I write this post, I can hear the squealing guitar riffs erupting from the room next door. Rock on!
As you can see, Drew takes a more fun-loving Gene Simmons approach to his rocking, where as I take a more serious, thoughtful philosophy.

Merry merry to all! Have a safe and happy New Year!