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Adventures in Home Ownership

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life on the Moon

We had our first house guest in the new house! Aunt Ann, all the way from the great state of CA, was in the neighborhood and stopped by for a chat! It was lovely to see her, and we were glad she made it here! As she pointed out, while trying to find her way through uncharted roads, real estate signs, and many fields of dust and rock, "You live on the moon!"

But our other big house news is that we took delivery of our sofa! And, oh man, is it a showstopper! We spent Friday evening reading our books on the sofa and just enjoying its cushiness and softness. For a custom-made piece of furniture, it was ridiculously cheap and worth every penny, because now our living room can be a LIVING room -- instead of the aptly named "Big and empty except for the gigantic pile of broken-up boxes" room. Seen below are Buckwalter and The Boo enjoying our newly acquired piece of furniture.