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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's not easy being green...

For Mother's Day this year, the sweetest kitty in Las Vegas bought us two new plants for our front step pots. We've been having a lot of trouble keeping the plants in that location alive...what with the southern exposure and 100 degree weather and all. So we have two new little succulents that were listed as "full sun, drought resistant, hardy plants."

The first one is this cute little guy called "hearts and flowers." Those spiky hot pink flowers close up for the night, making the whole plant look like something from "Finding Nemo" or "The Little Mermaid."

We really liked the bonsai look of this guy...he's an "elephant food" plant. I planted him straight into the soil -- he just has this sort of V-8 free attitude.

And we recently replanted some of our trailing lantana from the front area...the others didn't make it through the several boughts of frost we had this winter. But the main reason for these pictures is to see how beautiful our sage is while it's blooming. Make sure you notice how FULL they have become at less than a year old (compare to this picture from last September)...and this is even after some trimming!

These two succulents are called "Hen and Chicks." The big one was only about 2-3 inches wide last fall when he was planted, and now he's a maniac! We're hoping his little friend will succumb to the peer pressure and spread out! This is directly outside the back door on our patio....where Drew did something amazing last night...

He grilled some awesome hamburgers! No, we don't have our backyard landscaped yet, and there's a long, drawn-out story of ridiculous Home Owner's Associations involved...but as soon as it's done, be sure you will see pics. Meanwhile, enjoy the majesty of our Weber and it's Weber Tamer!



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