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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hard to keep up!

The Swingin' TwoSome (Buckwalter's Folks) came into town recently, and boy, do they keep the party going! We went to go to the glamorous Peppermill, drank cocktails of unusual sizes, and then went to a Rat Pack Tribute Concert, featuring performers who had their Packers down pat. Honestly -- they were pretty amazing.

As you can see, the Swingin' TwoSome have an insurmountable cache of style and savoir faire (definitely more than this guy) -- see how delightfully they pose for a picture by the fire fountain at the Peppermill.

We tried to pose just as artfully, but...well...it didn't turn out quite as glamorous.

The Swingin' TwoSome certainly brought the party with them wherever they went for their visit. They stayed with us for an evening, and then moved on to their comped suite at Mandalay Bay, where we were graciously invited to swim in the wave tank with them for the evening, accompanied by dinner and drinks in the fabulous restaurants of the fabulous Bay. It was a true night to remember!
And, after all this excitement, they battled on to Taos, and returned (party in tow) for another weekend of fun! We love having visitors, and some of our favorite visitors are those of the parental kind! Thank you to the Swingin' TwoSome for all the fun they bring into our new town!


Nice Whip!

It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we hosted the Lord and Lady of Watertown! How noble! How regal! How fun! The Lord and Lady stayed at Yee Olde Nugget O' Golde and partook of some local customs whilst in our little hamlet of Vegas. Such as...

Renting a super cool Nissan Z convertible, to the chagrin and envy of all who saw them...

Eating Little Caesar's at the Luxor -- a curious pastime, you might say, and who would I be to argue with you?...
And of course, socializing with the locals on their palatial estate.
We hope they come to visit again soon!


Eins, Zwei, Gesuffa!

The beginning of our guest season here at Our Emerald began awhile ago with the visit of the Madame's Dad, whom we'll call Mr. Palmer. He was only here for a weekend, but what a weekend it was! While Mr. Palmer was in town, he went golfing twice --once on the course of Rhodes Ranch, the exclusive and very beige golf course community near us! We are always happy to host when he's working on his monthly tee time.
Of course, no stay at La Venti is complete without trying your hand at Guitar Hero! In spite of the hard day of golf, Mr. Palmer showed himself to be adept at shredding.

But who could resist the siren call of the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas! With quite a varied local charm, this Hofbrauhaus includes all your favorites -- the huge beer steins, the polka band, and the toasting every 15 minutes. A good time was had by all -- including Mr. Palmer, who can now add some Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus charm to his wardrobe as well!